Five Reasons to Become a Member

Five Reasons to Become a Member

The Five reasons to invest in a Founders Fund 2020 membership

We get it — as a business owner, it’s tough to decide where and how to spend your hard-earned money. And it’s even more difficult to decide to spend it on yourself.

But we believe it’s essential for self-employed people to have learning and development budgets, just like you would if you were working for someone else! How else will you develop the skills and knowledge you need to be the best founder (and CEO, bookkeeper, marketing lead, and all the other hats we know you wear) or freelancer you can possibly be?

The Founders Fund is an online accelerator and fund designed to support women-identifying entrepreneurs through the highs and the lows. Like other entrepreneurship accelerators, we offer mentorship, resources and funding — but our online model allows you to be located anywhere and still access our support system. 

If you’re ready to invest in your learning and development in 2020, here are five key returns  you’ll get from a Founders Fund membership: 

1. Expand your entrepreneurial community. 

When you join the Founders Fund, you’ll be matched with a small group of between four and six other entrepreneurs who are in the same stage of business as you are. You’ll meet virtually once a month to chat about what’s going on in each of your businesses, what you need support on, and how each of you can help the other level up. This kind of support from our peers is crucial. It makes us feel less alone in the daily grind and empowers us to make big decisions with the knowledge and support we receive from our network. If you’re feeling a bit lonely on this entrepreneurial journey, we know you’ll love this part of the Founders Fund programming. 

2. Learn from the best in the game. 

Founders Fund members have exclusive access to virtual group mentorship with our roster of high-profile, super accomplished entrepreneurs — including Komal Minhas, an angel investor and speaker who recently hosted one of Michelle Obama’s tour stops, Harley Finkelstein, the COO of Shopify, and Vivian Kaye, the founder of the $1 million textured hair extension company KinkyCurlyYaki, to name just a few. (See the full list of 2020 mentors here!

You’ll be able to submit questions ahead of these mentorship sessions, and hear each mentor speak about what — specifically — they’ve done to get to where they are today. Time with these entrepreneurs and insight into their processes is a huge opportunity to gain invaluable insight into what it takes to build a successful business. 

3. Get access to the $$$ you need. 

Founders Fund members have exclusive access to the application process for our pool of funding for women-led businesses. That means that as a member, you could receive up to $50,000 in non-repayable, zero-equity funding to start or grow your business.

Also, we recently announced that we’re creating a special funding pool for idea-stage entrepreneurs! If you have a great business idea but don’t have the money you need to get it off the ground, joining the Founders Fund will not only give you high-quality tools and resources, but you might be eligible for funding that will help you kick-start this dream — and turn it into a reality. 

4, Give back to the community. 

When you buy a Founders Fund membership, $125 of your annual membership fee goes directly into our funding pool — so, not only are you investing in yourself when you become a member, but you’re investing in more funding opportunities for the community you’re joining. In other words, more members = opportunity for more funding, for you and the rest of the women-identifying entrepreneurs who join. 

5. Invest in your potential, and commit to the journey. 

We believe that when you commit to taking concrete, tangible steps toward your goals, big things happen. Join hundreds of other women-identifying entrepreneurs who are taking strides toward making sh*t happen. Make 2020 your best year yet. 

Click here to get your Founders Fund 2020 membership now!


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