• May 1st-27th: Applications open

    Applications are open until 11:59pm EST, May 16th

  • May 6th: Pitching Support Class

  • May 30- June 3: Applications Evaluated

    Our selection committee of exeperienced business professionals who have completed anti-bias training evaluates applications.

  • June 15: Five finalists notified

    We'll narrow down applicants to the top five, and publically share the finalists.

  • Jun 15-29: Finals Pitch Prep

    Finalists prepare for final pitch (with support from an assigned dedicated 'pitch coach')

  • June 29: Pitch Finals!

    Pitch finals are live, anyone can RSVP virtually to attend and cheer you on!

Watch our 2022 Pitch Event!

Have any q's we didn't cover? Email our team: hello@foundersfund.ca

Pitch Funding FAQ's

Who can apply for pitch funding?

Any woman or non-binary founder who owns at least 50% or more of their business. Finalists will be asked to provide supporting documentation.

While we largely support Canadian founders, Funding is currently open up to any applicant, globally.

To learn more about the diverse communuity be built founders fund for, click here.

When do applications close?

Full timeline:
May.1: Applications open
May.6: Pitching & Application Support Class
May.27: Applications close
May.30-June.13: Selection committee evaluate applications
June.15: Five finalists notified
June.15-29: Finalists prepare for final pitch (with a dedicated 'pitch coach')
June.29: Pitch finals!!! (which can be watched by the rest of the community for moral support!)

What is the scoring criteria?

Scoring Criteria:
-Confidence in delivery
- Clearly defined business purpose/value
-Future opportunities for business that the funding will support

How do I submit my pitch?

Simply submit your 2 minute pitch after filling out application. Pitches should be:

-No more than 2 minutes long, anything longer will be disqualified.

-Ensure video is uploaded to youtube as an 'unlisted' video

-Submit youtube link at the end of your application

To see last years Pitch Event, visit our programming session library + watch the 'featured session'.

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About Founders Fund:

Founders Fund is a virtual community hub powered by Tease for founders seeking barrier free funding, education and mentorship.

We support diverse women founders during every stage of their growth. Started by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we believe we don’t need one company or one person to make a difference but we need thousands.