About Founders Fund:

For Founders by Founders.

Founders Fund is a virtual community hub powered by Tease for diverse women founders seeking barrier free funding, education and mentorship.

Who We Are:

Founders Fund is made up of Founders, Mentors and Funders who believe in a future where entrepreneurship is accessible to everyone, while paying their success forward.

Working together, we support hundreds of our founders across the country by providing access to mentorship, resources, and funding to support their business

How We Got Here:

Founders Fund was established in 2019, by Sheena Brady, Founder of Tease. Tease creates all natural, tea and botanical based products to support your everyday wellness rituals.

Rooted deeply in social impact, Tease has invested in organizations dedicated to elevating women since it's early days. Later on, inspired by her own adversity and challenges as a woman entrepreneur, Sheena became incredibly passionate about creating a community to support other early stage founders, and Founders Fund was created to provide barrier free access to mentorship, education and funding to diverse women founders across the country.

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We value the ability to rest, recover and succeed after facing the inevitable challenges, disappointments and failures that come with entrepreneurship.

We are resilient.


We value supporting fellow entrepreneurs through their journey as business owners and leaders through a diverse network of entrepreneurs.

We are a community.


We value legacies built and maintained for future generations inheriting the society and world we are creating.

We build legacies.


We value the intentional disruption of outdated systems, beliefs and practices through innovative businesses and authentic leaders from intersectional backgrounds.

We are unconventional.