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Who we Are

Founders Fund:

Invest in yourself. Pay it forward.

Founders Fund is a social impact tech company, creating the first digital accelerator supporting under represented, women-identifying founders during every stage of their journey. Members can access mentorship, resources, and barrier-free funding for their business.
Half of every membership is invested directly into funding that members can apply for annually.




Founders Fund Canada 


Founders Fund is made up of Members, Mentors and Funders who believe deeply investing in themselves while paying it forward. Working together, we support hundreds of our members across the country by providing access to mentorship, resources, and funding to support their business.

Our internal team:
Vivian Kaye (Executive Leadership & Digital Event Host), Megha Bhatt (Operations Coordinator), Sheena Brady (Founder & Partnerships Manager), Amanda Baker (Chief Operations Officer),  Chizoba  Oriuwa (Program Manager) 
Founders Fund Canada Internal Team
Our Origins: 
Founder Sheena Brady started her first business in 2013, Tease Tea, with the aim to bring her passion for high quality tea and women’s empowerment together in an impactful way. Little did she realize, Tease Tea would serve as the catalyst to her rapid growth as a leader and the foundation of  a social impact organization that would support hundreds of underrepresented women through accessible funding, mentorship and a community, all while challenging the traditional restrictions of what how  successful leaders look, sound and operate. Read more about our origins here.