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The Founders Fund

The Founders Fund is Canada’s first online accelerator that emphasizes not only investing in your own success as a founder, but also paying it forward.

We support women-identifying entrepreneurs during every stage of their growth. Started by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we believe we don’t need one company or one person to make a difference but we need thousands.

Who We Are

The Founders Fund is made up of Members, Mentors and Funders who believe deeply investing in themselves while paying it forward.

Working together, we support hundreds of our members across the country by providing access to mentorship, resources, and funding to support their business.

The Founders Fund is made up of




Our Values

Servant Leadership

Our community (AKA you!) is what makes The Founders Fund special. We recognize that you’re the expert on your experiences in entrepreneurship, and our job is to make sure everything we do serves your needs, goals and dreams first.

Entrepreneurial Empathy

Created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. We can empathize with the risks you’re taking and the sacrifices you’re making on this path, and we’re committed to making it all a little easier.

Intersectionality* & Allyship

We created The Founders Fund for women-identifying entrepreneurs, but we understand that the challenges faced by founders within this community are not uniform — they’re also shaped by factors like race, disability, sexual orientation and other aspects of identity that intersect with gender. We promise to listen and learn, and to work to find ways to break down the unique barriers you face.

*The concept of intersectionality was originated by lawyer, scholar and activist Kimberlé Crenshaw.

Sustainable Business

We believe a good business is a sustainable business, in all ways. From minimizing our impact on the environment, to taking care of our physical and mental health, to making sure the Founders Fund runs on a financially sustainable model, we’re in this for the long haul.


We celebrate the entrepreneurial journey — in all its highs, and all its many lows. Resilience is the bedrock on which the Founders Fund is built, and our mission is to help build resilience in all the founders and businesses we support, too.

Our Team

The Founders Fund team is made up of all walks of life, built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Here are some of the amazing humans who make up our team and make the magic happen.

Komal Minhas

Partner | Investor

Sheena Brady

Co-founder & CEO

Vivian Kaye

Digital Event Moderator & Advisory Board

Amanda Baker

Director of Operations

Megha Bhatt

Operations Coordinator

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Where it Began...

The Founders Funds began as a passion project by Sheena Brady, the founder and CEO of Tease Tea Inc. Sheena founded Tease Tea in 2013 out of her condo in Toronto and grew it to where it is today, with a team, a headquarters in Ottawa and shipments going out to more than 30 countries — but her journey wasn’t without its challenges, especially around finding the funding she needed to continue growing her business. The Founders Fund was built as a giveback program, to pay the companies success forward to budding entrepreneurs. Today, the Founders Fund serves hundreds of members across the country by providing access to mentorship, resources, and funding to support their business.

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