Every season (winter, spring, summer, fall), our community will come together for a virtual half day conference with panels, workshops and sessions that will focus on preparing you and your business for the next season! This series is generously brought to us in collaboration with our sponsors at BDC, the bank for entrepreneurs.

Winter Series: THE SET UP

Session #1: Dream It, Do It Panel
Hosted by Brooke Gordon of BDC, this panel brings together some of our communities most notable founders for a raw, honest panel focusing on how the best of the best set (and achieve) their goals.This panel features: Vivian Kaye of KinkyCurlyYaki, Jaymin Luces-Mendes of Toni Marlow, Kat Gaskin of The Content Planner and Sheena Brady of Tease Wellness.

Session #2: Goal Getter Workshop
Hosted by the brilliant Rachel Kelly of Make Lemonade, this practical workshop gives you tactical strategies to get those big goals out of your dreams and into reality.

Session #3: The Business Audit
Hosted by serial entrepreneur and advisory committee member, Karla Briones of Karla Briones Consulting, this session helps to comb through all areas of your business and make informed decisions about what to keep and what to clear for the most successful year ahead.

Spring Series: THE SEED

Our Spring Series is designed to support planting the seed & taking important first steps, laying the foundation for what's to come.

📺 The Procrastination Panel

Join our panel of accomplished founders as they discuss procrastination in all of it’s glorious forms (*cough* new season of Selling Sunset *cough*), how to get out of it and maybe… just maybe… how to use it to your advantage. Hosted by the ever talented Brooke Gordon of BDC.

📙 Organizing Systems & Tools

Nothing makes that task list fly by like a finely tuned organizational system. From filing systems, to time management, we'll take you through what systems and tools to help scale your business, hosted by founder of Best Self Co, Catheryn Lavery.

🎤 Pitching 101

Take the pain out of pitching with this session hosted by our very own pitch pro, Sheena Brady (founder of Tease and Founders Fund) and Marc LaFleur of TruLocal (and Dragons Den Success Story!).

This charismatic duo will walk us through how to pitch clearly and confidently (no matter what your surroundings) and how to overcome fears.

May.26, 1-4pm ET, RSVP today!

Summers Series: THE GROWTH

Our Summer Series is designed to support increasing momentum and stability.

Session #1: Money Mindset Panel (working beyond limiting beliefs) being strategic with debt/financing

Session #2: Negotiation 101 (suppliers, banks, clients)

Session #3: Where to Invest in Your Business

Date TBD, Check back for confirmed hosts & guests!

Autumn Series: THE HARVEST

Our Autumn Series is designed to support the concept of 'reaping the rewards' of the seeds sown throughout the year, to end on a strong & successful note.

Session #1
: Healthy Mind, Healthy Profits Panel (mental health)

Session #2: Stress Management 10

Session #3: Digital Marketing Tune Up

Date TBD, Check back for confirmed hosts & guests!