What's Included in my Membership?

Education Founders Fund Canada


Membership includes 6 months of structured educational programming with 12 months of content and support from our team and mentor community.

Programming is catered specifically to your stage of growth covering core topics like: marketing, operations, finance and legal.

Each week on the same day and time, you will have a recurring session with the other members of your growth stage and learn tactical information under each of the core programming topics.

All sessions will be recorded and stored in the session library for future viewing.

In addition, members will have weekly supplementary programming for members in  every growth stage on topics like:

  • Diversity & Inclusion training
  • Mental health for entrepreneurs
  • Money mindset
  • Learning from failure
  • Preparing for investment & funding 


Funding: Barrier free applications


Funding is an essential part of growing your business. We recognize that traditional funding methods are notoriously difficult to find, apply for and often require the funds to be paid back with interest or involve taking equity from your businesses, all of which hinder your progression as a business and leader.


That’s why we’ve created a no payback, no equity, no strings attached pool of funding generated from our generous funders, sponsors [link to sponsor page when we have one], and members.

Our fund is for our community, by our community, which allows us to skip all the complicated stuff and get the money into hands of well deserving entrepreneurs, just like you.



  • Easy to apply to (takes under 1 hour)
  • Support sessions to prepare you to apply with confidence 
  • Applications scored by a selection committee that reflects member demographics to minimize unconscious bias
  • Estimated over $80k in available funding (more members, more funding!)

Being an entrepreneur can feel isolating, thats why having a strong community of people that can identify  with all the highs and lows of running a business is vital for your development as a leader as you grow your business.


Our community is made up of women and non binary founders across North America with unique life experiences, skillsets and approaches to business.


When you join our community as a member you will have access to:

  • Custom online portal including easy booking for sessions, searchable directory, easy community forums and connections
  • Direct introductions to founders and mentors that can guide and support you in your growth
  • Access to one on one mentoring from our established group of mentors
  • Access to the ‘Bad for Business’ podcast featuring members of the community creating disruptive and impactful businesses through a non traditional approach


Not sure If membership is right for you? Keep in Touch or connect with our team at hello@foundersfund.ca