Funders 2020

Funders are community members who believe deeply in our vision for the future of entrepreneurship and want to support women identifying entrepreneurs in a bigger way.

Some of our funders also create impact as mentors. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a funder, email us at

Sheena Brady

"Those who have found success as entrepreneurs have an important obligation: pay it forward."

Sheena is a certified tea sommelier and the CEO and founder of Tease Tea. Sheena's passion to help other entrepreneurs find success is what led her to create the Tease Tea Founders Fund and give back to those starting their entrepreneurial journey.

Komal Minhas

"I'm here on Earth to remind you of your potential"

Komal is the founder of KoMedia and Komal Minhas Inc. and invests in startups and media productions that will change the world. Komal is dedicated to helping others find their true potential and educating them on how to get there.


Harley Finkelstein is a Canadian businessperson, entrepreneur and public speaker. He is best known as the Chief Operating Officer of Shopify. He is a board member of CBC, and an advisor to both OMERS Ventures and Felicis Ventures. He is also a Dragon on CBC Dragons' Den, Next Gen Den.

Kim Kirton

"I love everything about this. The world needs a collective effort of individuals and organizations who are willing to take action now."

Kim is an experienced and passionate social entrepreneur who thrives on bringing ideas to life. Kim considers her curiosity a superpower and by asking questions and learning, she sparks her creativity into new ideas.

Chivon John

To ‘hustle with intention’ is at the center of Chivon John’s work as a Wellbeing Strategist, Speaker and Entrepreneur. In a world that encourages wearing our accomplishments and accolades as badges of honour, Chivon pulls back the curtain on what is revered as success (money, power and ‘likes’) to reveal a life of more meaning and purpose.

Recognized as a Top 100 Black Woman to Watch in Canada and Black Canadian Role Model, Chivon uses her own experiences and research rooted in positive psychology to teach individuals and organizations how to bridge the gap between achievement and fulfillment.

Rachel Kelly

Lindsay Taub

Lindsay is a foodie, an entrepreneur, a wife, and mom of 2 little girls. A former child psychotherapist, Lindsay chose to follow her passion and contribute to her community by opening @sundaeschoolottawa , a local ice cream shop. She is also a food contributor on 580CFRA, a popular Ottawa radio show..

Golnaz Golnaraghi

“There is inequality in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Women entrepreneurs are under supported and underfunded - racialized women even more so. As a collective we need to challenge stereotypes and build inclusive programs and funding models that meaningfully support diverse women entrepreneurs."

She is an educator, facilitator and entrepreneur. Golnaz is the Founder of Divity Group & Accelerate Her Future. Her areas of focus include leadership and team development, diversity and inclusion, and women in leadership. Watch her TEDTalk here.

Lisa Zamparo

Invest in yourself. Pay it forward.

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