Founders Fund 2020 Funding Finalists

High Growth Funding Finalist ($25,000):

Alder Apparel Founders Fund Grant Finalist

FOUNDERS: Mikayla Wujec & Naomi Blackman

(She/Her Toronto, ONT)

COMPANY: Alder Apparel

Alder Apparel offers inclusive sizing, female-focused design, sustainable and ethical production and a playful brand that starkly contrasts with the performance-driven, hard-core athletic brands that currently dominate the outdoor space.

“The support from the founders fund community is not only a massive financial help, but also such a vote of confidence from a community we respect and admire. Support, insight and advice from other women founders has absolutely underpinned our success to date and we're so excited to build more connections with founders and engage with this community!"

Growth Funding Finalists ($5,000):

Founders Fund Canada Grant Finalist Rootd app

FOUNDER: Ania Wysocka (She/Her: Victoria, BC)

COMPANY: Rootd App

Rooted exists because there was a lack of accessible, well-designed resources for individuals experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. Rootd is panic attack and anxiety relief right in your pocket. Founders Fund Canada Grant Finalist

FOUNDER:  Carine Marette (She/Her: Toronto, ONT)

Kritik is an online peer-to-peer interactive learning platform designed for professors to engage students in a twenty-first-century way.

“This funding is validation from a community of founders I greatly respect.  This  indicates we are on the right path to grow. It gives me more confidence in my ability to raise more funds down the road.”

Growth Funding Finalists ($3,000):

Toni Marlow Jalisa Founders Fund Grant Finalist

FOUNDER: Jaymin (formerly Jalisa) Luces-Mendes (They/Them: Toronto, Ont)

COMPANY: Toni Marlow

Our mission is to show that what unites us in comfort is greater than what makes us different. Finding the right undergarment is no longer a privilege. We believe authenticity is everything and we embody inclusivity.

 Founders Fund Canada Naij Hair Grant Finalist

FOUNDER: Edo Odozor (She/Her Toronto, ONT)
COMPANY: Naij Hair

We knew that the Human Hair Extensions industry needed a change. It needed innovation, representation of black womxn, quality throughout the entire process and transparency on all levels.

Dignittii founders fund finalist grant funding

FOUNDER: Khaoula Abtouche (She/Her: Brossard, QC)
COMPANY: Dignitii Activewear

Dignitii is a brand that is led by its mission to empower women to live healthier lives both physically and mentally. We believe that sportswear does not have to be skintight. For us, Fitness is not about showing off one's curves and abs but about overcoming one's limits and getting stronger physically and mentally.

Ideation/Pre-revenue Funding Finalists ($1,000):

Founders Fund Canada Mindfulness Meaghan Grant Finalist

FOUNDER: Meghan Stewart-Wills (She/Her: Ottawa, On)

COMPANY: Mindfulness Meghan

Mindfulness Coaching to Help You Claim Your Truth, Own Your Power and Live Intentionally

“This funding means that my intentions are aligned with a necessary business need in our Ottawa and Canadian economy and communities.  It also means that Black Wellness practitioners can make a business that is valid, substantial, meaningful and relevant despite stigmas, stereotypes and other barriers that not only inhibit wellness businesses overall but specifically Black / BIPOC specific wellness businesses” 

Founders Fund Canada Treehouse Medical Funding Finalist

FOUNDER: Julia Slanina (She/Her: Kanata, Ont)  

COMPANY: Treehouse Medical

Striving to provide an integrative software platform with features to effectively design a custom patient care program from conception to the early years of childhood and parenthood.

Well Rounded Academy Founders Fund Canada Finalist

FOUNDER: Neria Aylward (She/Her: Newfoundland & Labrador)

COMPANY: Well-Rounded Academy

Well-rounded Academy is an online post-secondary admissions trainer for high schoolers, parents and educators. We offer high-quality online boot camps that teach students how to put their best foot forward at every step of the university application process - from admissions to financing, and resumes to interviews. 


Citron Technologies Founders Fund Canada Funding Finalist

FOUNDER: Laurie Jittoo (She/Her: Richmond Hill, ONT)
COMPANY: Citron Technologies

Our mission is to work for the purpose of our customer by bringing that wholesome cooking, family meal-time experience back into Canadian kitchens. Let’s reignite the spark and inspiration when it comes to preparing nutritious, exciting and delicious food by using what’s in your cupboard or refrigerator.


Founders Fund Canada Jenn Shurer UpSpace Grant Finalist

FOUNDER: Jennifer Schurer (She/Her: Ottawa, Ont)

COMPANY: upSpace

Our online directory and booking system connects people who have space to rent and people who need space to rent, offering daily or hourly rentals in Ottawa and the surrounding area.

"Validation is incredibly empowering. As an entrepreneur, I work hard because I am passionate about making the world a better place and I believe in the vision of upSpace. Getting help from the community to execute on my dreams is an incredibly rewarding and motivating experience. I know times are tough for many people right now, I'm extremely grateful to the Founders Fund for seeing the opportunity in upSpace, and me, and providing this grant money. My goal is to build a platform that is not just about sharing space, but about building a resilient and vibrant community where everyone can thrive."