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Why we can't get enough of the Success Planner and are gifting one to you

Just start.

Simple in theory, right? But we bet you have a list of reasons (or excuses) why you can't start.

Maybe you're just waiting for the pandemic to be over, or for life to "get less busy" (it never will) or for your kid to start sleeping through the night, or for that big investment to pay off.... whatever it is, it's holding you back.

Experts say start small. A single email. A phone call. A budget. A plan. Whatever it is that's been weighing on you to start, do it. But  once you get started, then what?

A native of St. Lucia, Karlyn bravely immigrated to Canada alone and with vision and tenacity, she went on to carve out a successful 23-year career in Technology & Operations.

In the fast-paced financial industry, Karlyn experienced first hand the cost of "emotional tax" which lead to the burnout, anxiety of her and her counterparts.

Seeing a crucial need for an integrated approach to wellness, Karlyn developed systems and created the Success Planner - a life planner helping women create success in all areas of their lives.

Mentor + Partner Spotlight: Karlyn Percil-Mercieca

Karlyn Percil-Mercieca is a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Life Coach with keen focus on diversity, inclusion, and belonging. She is the CEO of KDPM Consulting Group INC., and the Founder of SisterTalk Group Leadership and Wellness Academy, a mentorship group dedicated to amplifying the voices of Black, Indigenous, WoC leveraging community and personal narratives and storytelling as a catalyst of success.

Success Planner Founders Fund

FREE VIP Success Planner Bundle

The first 100 members will receive a free success VIP bundle ($75 Value)  from our partners at Success PlannerIncluding:


2021 Success Planner - we are back with our planner with new success mentors and quotes, suggested herbs to support your inner seasons, weekly reminders plus prompts to reflect and align your daily action with your intended outcome. 

Colouring Book: complete with hand-picked mandalas and affirming quotes from Karlyn Percil - a space to reflect and help you meet you where you are.

Self-Reflection Cards: 12 cards designed to meet you where you are, to remind you that you are never alone on this journey. Stick on your favorite mirror or write a quick note on the back for yourself. Or choose a card for a friend and mail it to her, him or they - as a reminder that you are right there with them on this journey called life.

Success Planning Session Hosted by Karlyn Percil: Success Planner Founder, Karlyn Percil, will host a session exclusively for our first 100 members guiding you through how to intentionally and mindfully plan your most powerful year yet through putting the planner principles into  practice.

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