We're playing 'secret' Santa.

We're playing 'secret' Santa.

How it works: On Giving Tuesday (Dec.1), our sister company, Tease Tea will donate net profits towards making your life as a business owner easier in 2021. We will purchase and ship as many wish list items as possible with the proceeds from that day!

Criteria for item: Choose an item (or service) under $1000 that would have a direct impact on making your life easier as a business owner.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

- Tech accessory (new keyboard/mouse)
- Agronomic office chair
- Meal kit delivery during your busy season
- Self/body care (massage, therapy session, coaching session)
- Repairs (car, computer, tool)
- Heater (cold offices = unproductive offices)

The idea is that these items are 'extras' that you may not make a priority in your budget, but would be incredible to have. Leave out direct items like inventory, cash flow buffer or staff salary.

Submit your wish list here: 

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