Meet our 2022 Funding Recipients

Meet our 2022 Funding Recipients

June 29th, 2022

Our Second Annual Founders Fund Pitch Event has been nothing short of jaw dropping with a remarkable display of diverse women founders who are innovatively paving the way towards a more empowered world.

On June 29th we cheered on our five finalists for our 2022 Founders Fund x BDC Pitch Event where each finalist was given 3 minutes to pitch live (virtually) in front of our panel of judges for non repayable (no equity!) funding.

We're thrilled to announce our 3 recipients:

  • Vivene Salmon of F8th ($7K Recipient),
  • Celia Lopez of Placemade ($2K Recipient)
  • Anika Chabra & Jennifer Siripong of Root & Seed ($1K Recipient).

These finalists wowed our judges with their unconventional and innovative style, the groundbreaking impact they’re fostering within their communities, and the resilient future they’re contributing towards for all diverse women founders.

A little more about our funding recipients: 

f8th vienne salamon

Vivene Salmon of F8th.

As every storefront has their own security camera, F8th acts as a security camera on any and all of your platforms by analyzing your customers and employee interactions in real time to ensure that only the right person can access the sensitive user and corporate information.

F8th does this without impacting user experience and without any complex set-up. Today cybercrime is now the world's biggest criminal growth industry that has ever been seen and F8th is overcoming these challenges and making a solution available that is easy and convenient instead of complex and challenging.

Because Vivene & F8th understand that the last thing organizations want is an extra software to maintain, F8th has been founded as an Identity As A Service and can be implemented within a few lines of code in your web platform. Partnered with IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon, to name a few, F8th is rapidly being recognized as a leading artificial intelligence business providing the extra layer against insider threats, account takeovers and more!

Celia Lopez of Placemade

Celia Lopez of Placemade
You’re looking at Toronto AND Canada’s first ever health and fitness workspace, designed specifically for health and fitness professionals.

Providing a shared private training studio + top-quality workspace solution for professionals to work with their clients, backed with the intention of empowering professionals with a foundation for success in promoting an active lifestyle. Think of Placemade as a home for fitness pros to work, collaborate, and succeed alongside and with one another. 

Their workspace solution provides health and fitness pros with resources and tools where they can come together, connect, and grow their businesses sustainably by empowering their members with top quality equipment, 24/7 Accessibility, Workspace Areas, Juice Bar, Change & Shower Rooms, as well as, Wellness Accessories (like massage tables and other structural supports that enable their professional membership community to powerfully serve their own clients).

Bringing business development, coworking, and empowerment to the forefront of everything they do, Celia and the Placemade team are leading a new way for professionals to come together and do business better!

Anika Chabra & Jennifer Siripong of Root & Seed

Anika Chabra & Jennifer Siripong of Root & Seed.

Root & Seed is a safe community space for the discovery of family stories, as well as a movement to protect the richness of your heritage by connecting your family’s past, present, and future.

Born of the collaboration between two women with completely different cultural backgrounds and discovery journeys who were navigating family stories, lost recipes and annual traditions. Together they uncovered a deep desire to get in touch with the meaning and significance of their unique cultures and so Root & Seed was born.

Providing a Conversation Tool that protects your family heritage by collecting your stories in one place. With prompts to spark deeper connections and to facilitate you on your journey to protect your heritage by exploring areas such as: celebrations, holidays, stories, recipes, and genealogy. Anika & Jennifer are on a mission to bring together fellow tradition-seekers to claim, honour, document and celebrate their culture and let it live on in their words, thoughts, actions, and experiences for generations to come!

We are proud to honour each of these recipients as the top 3 finalists in our 2022 Founders Fund x BDC Pitch Event, as you’ve had a brief chance to appreciate and admire their unique contributions, as women in business, we are so excited to continue witnessing each of these recipients respectively as they continue to soar and grow their legacy. We encourage you to check out their websites, follow them online, and continue to support their growth, as we at Founders Fund Canada most certainly will be too!

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