From "Women Identifying" to "Women"

From "Women Identifying" to "Women"

To our Founders Fund community,

After careful consideration, Founders Fund Canada has decided to stop the use of the termWomen Identifying”
and instead simply use "women". This decision was made through collaborative reflection and deliberation amongst the Founders Fund Team. 

The term “Women Identifying” was adopted into our communication at the inception of Founders Found in efforts to embrace equity, diversity and inclusion of the transgendered women community. At the time, this enabled us to support and empower the transgendered community that was often marginalized and systematically excluded from traditional funding and mentorship opportunities.

Our intention of using this term “Women Identifying” was to prioritze equitable access to resources and community for transgendered women. However, this term that we once considered inclusive, had the unintended consequence of othering the transgender community that we sought to empower. 

In our commitment to taking actionable steps towards equity, diversity and inclusion, we have made the decision to no longer use the term “Women identifying”, and instead simply use "women". This decision is a step towards dismantling the barriers that persist in perpetuating discriminatory practices towards the transgender community. 

Founders Fund will continue their commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs in a manner that is equitable, just, and inclusive, across all programming and services. 


Founders Fund Team

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