Founders Fund Canada Funding Recipient Carine Marette Founder of Kritik

Meet Carine Marette: Funding Recipient & Co-Founder of Kritik

Meet Carine Marette, co-founder of Kritik Education Corporation and recipient of Founders Fund’s Growth Stage, $5,000 fund:

Who is Carine Marette? 

Carine Marette co-founded Kritik in 2019 after launching two startups in wearable technology and design. Marette is a serial entrepreneur after having gained extensive experience in operations and project management in multi-billion-dollar companies.

Marette holds a master’s degree in Information Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from École Supérieure de Génie Informatique (ESGI) and bachelor’s degrees Psychology and Sociology from Laurentian University and various certificates such as CGA in accounting and Adler Coaching. Marette accomplished academic excellence with honour via her 8 years of education in Psychology, IT and Management.

Marette oversees all internal and external operations at Kritik, from finance to human resources and business management. Her current vision is to empower students learning in higher education. She is passionate about helping students to self-actualize their full-potential. Being herself left alone at the age of 15, she understands students' struggle to pursue their academic achievement for a better future. Simultaneously, being a high-achiever and a teaching assistant, Marette is passionate about helping the community of teaching assistants become very resourceful to all students in the class by interacting with students in a one-on-one manner using comments, flagging system, and disputes. Likewise, Marette cares about professors who are caring about the learning ability of their students. Therefore, one day, Marette is planning to pursue her education in a doctor of education to study a modern learning method using Kritik. 

What is the ultimate vision that you have for Kritik? is an ed-tech platform focusing on helping students develop their critical and creative thinking abilities and communication and leadership skills in modern higher education. The system is emerging from a decade of research and experience working with the teaching faculties in dozens of universities across North America. 

The mission is to enhance critical thinking skills through learning by teaching. Kritik enables learners to acquire knowledge more efficiently through fun and engaging challenges that activate ongoing higher-order thinking skills. 

The vision is to become the leading peer assessment platform that educators use to enable learning by teaching in a fair and automated manner. In 10 years, Kritik will be a supportive community of learners who develop interactive content collaboratively and self-actualize their full potential through a peer-to-peer learning process facilitated by experts.

When asked “What are things about yourself or your business that you were told has to change in order to fit into the traditional mould of a successful entrepreneur? How have you begun to overcome them?” Carine responded: 

I was told to not have big dreams and be realistic; I was told to stop having so many degrees; and I was told to stop talking. To fit the traditional mould, I had to change my circle of friends in order to feel that my dreams were heard and approved by CEOs. I've started to overcome them when I immigrated in Canada.


Why did you decide to join the Founders Fund?

I joined the Founders Fund because I was a female founder and I wanted to understand if I can be recognized by the community for having built a successful startup.


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