Meet Jenn Schurer: Funding Recipient & Founder of UpSpace

Meet Jenn Schurer: Funding Recipient & Founder of UpSpace

Meet Jenn Schurer, founder of UpSpace and recipient of Founders Fund’s Ideation Stage, $1,000 fund:


Founders Fund Canada Recipient Jenn Schurer


Who is Jenn Schurer? 

Jenn is a CPA with a passion for identifying businesses opportunities that can enhance sustainability in our everyday life. Jenn has applied this to the energy industry through her work at a solar company in Alberta, and to the commercial space industry through creating my company, upSpace. By enabling the sharing and better use of spaces like classrooms, yoga studios, restaurants and other community spaces we not only make it easy to find book and pay for on demand short term space, we also make it possible for businesses to thrive with additional sources of revenue.

What is the ultimate vision that you have for UpSpace? 


We never want access to space to be a barrier for people meeting, connecting and thriving. 

When asked “What are things about yourself or your business that you were told has to change in order to fit into the traditional mould of a successful entrepreneur? How have you begun to overcome them?” Jenn responded: 

My curly hair! Haha. As silly as it sounds, I was told early on in my career from an HR person that curly hair was unprofessional! Many years and hair straighteners later, I ditched that advice and am embracing the natural curls.

Hustling is another thing that comes to mind. There was a time when we wore a badge of honour for being busy, tired, and stressed. I suppose in some cases that still exists. I am trying to change that by showing that taking care of yourself is absolutely critical to the success of your business. Your health is your wealth. Get 8 hours of sleep. Go for dinner with friends. By bringing your best self to your business and to your life, THAT is what will bring success.


Why did you decide to join the Founders Fund?

I was looking for a community of like minded people!


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