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3 Reasons Vivian Kaye Is The Queen Of Your Mentorship Dreams: Meet A Mentor

Finding the right small business coach or mentor can be daunting: it can be difficult to know where to start, especially given the number of hats we wear as entrepreneurs, and the many directions in which we’re pulled.

Finding the right business coach for women-identifying entrepreneurs feels even more challenging. Especially if you face unique barriers within your entrepreneurial journey that seem to be holding you back.

But, it’s far from impossible, and we want to make it a little easier to navigate finding a great business mentor by introducing you to the incredible and diverse line-up of Founders Fund mentors for 2020- starting with Vivian Kaye!

Business Coach For Women Canada Vivian Kaye

Who Is Vivian Kaye?

In her own words, Vivian is “a seasoned entrepreneur, business coach and keynote speaker.” She’s been featured on Shopify's Expert Academy Series, Ted Conference's "The Way We Work", in digital publications such as Black Enterprise, Ebony Magazine and Refinery21, and on a myriad of podcasts, including Side Hustle Pro, Hashtags & Stilettoes and She Did it Her Way.

She is also one of the most captivating and inspirational women I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and listening to and today, I want to cover 3 reasons this powerhouse is the E-Commerce Queen of your mentorship dreams!

#1. She’s Built Not One, But Two 6 & 7-Figure Businesses!

Vivian’s drive and resiliency have fuelled her in building not one- but two highly successful businesses from the ground up throughout her 14 years in building businesses.
This includes KinkyCurlyYaki, which she’s built to over 1 million in annual revenue with no prior knowledge or expertise in its niche!

Vivian is especially adept at supporting and coaching owners of product-based, e-commerce companies who are working or aspiring to scale and grow their business empires: where she has focused her expertise for the past 6 years of her business career.

Oh... Did we mention she’s a college drop-out and a single mama?

#2. She Is A Jill-Of-All-Trades

If you’ve followed Vivian for any length of time, it’s easy to see that she does, well, pretty much everything! She’s running her own empire whist coaching others to do the same, appearing on podcasts and publications, hosting her own podcast and raising her son all on her own.

Vivian’s live podcast, Mind Your Business, is released each week, in which she equips you with valuable tools for your entrepreneurial toolkit, and a whole lot of belly laughs. (Seriously, Vivian’s lively personality is contagious!).

#3. She Finds & Carves New Paths

You might think her background in being a college-dropout and a single mama is an unconventional one... And you’d be right! But her own experiences have given her unique perspective and a drive to invest in helping entrepreneurs from diverse and unconventional backgrounds of their own. The paths she’s carved for herself have made her advice and perspective invaluable in this (sometimes overwhelming) world of business.

To me, Vivian embodies empowerment in every way, showing aspiring and current entrepreneurs alike that even if you don’t find yourself on the map, there is still a route for you. And if that isn’t one of the most empowering messages to see and hear, I don’t know what is.

All-in-all, this well-rounded, inspiring Ghanaian-Canadian business coach and mentor is one you’ll want to keep on your radar (and follow on Instagram, because she’s a breath of fresh air!)

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