Meet Khaoula Abtouche: Funding Recipient & Founder of Dignitii Activewear Inc

Meet Khaoula Abtouche: Funding Recipient & Founder of Dignitii Activewear Inc

Meet Khaoula Abtouche, founder of Dignitii Activewear Inc and recipient of Founders Fund’s Start Up Stage, $3,000 fund:


Founders Fund Canada Recipient Khaoula Abtouche


Who is Khaoula Abtouche? 

 Khaoula is  the founder of Dignitii Activewear, a modest sportswear brand. She is passionate about helping women reclaim their inner and outer strength. She started her brand to empower women who dress modestly to lead an active lifestyle by providing them with functional & stylish modest activewear.

What is the ultimate vision that you have for Dignitii Activewear? 

I am committed to creating the-go-to brand for modest sportswear for women who choose to dress modestly while working out. My vision for the brand is to serve women worldwide with a wide range of modest sports apparel from gymwear to swimwear to athleisure wear.


When asked “What are things about yourself or your business that you were told has to change in order to fit into the traditional mould of a successful entrepreneur? How have you begun to overcome them?” Khaoula responded: 

Taking loans from the bank to scale the business. I did not take any loans from the bank to avoid interest due to my religious beliefs. Although it would be much easier to take loans to purchase more inventory and scale, I decided  to not compromise on my values. I self-funded my business and I am reinvesting the revenue back into the business to scale it.


Why did you decide to join the Founders Fund?

I was initially very interested in the possibility of winning some funding, which I am happy I did. Now, I see Founders Fund as way more than just an opportunity to get funded. I love the supporting community of the Founders Fund. The resources they provide, the support and the coaching are immensely valuable. I am so grateful for this supportive group of strong and smart women.


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