Upcoming Events


  • Perfect Pitch Funding Prep Session

    Join our team along with expert guest, Sheena Brady of Founders Fund and Tease (and pro pitcher) and Vanessa Holding of Arc and Crown media production as we guide you through what makes a perfect pitch on May.6th at 1pm ET.

    This sessions purpose is to prepare you to submit your 2 minute pitch video for our 2022 Pitch Competition (with funding worth $7k, $2k and $1k!).

  • Monthly Virtual Co-Working

    Join us on May.3rd from 1-2pm ET. We'll log in together, set a goal for the hour and power through.


Seasons of Success is a quarterly series designed to support your leadership & business growth year round.

Winter Series: THE SET UP

Session #1: Dream It, Do It Panel

Session #2: Goal Getter with Rachel Kelly

Session #3: Business Audit with Karla Briones

Spring Series: THE SEED

Our Spring Series is designed to support planting the seed & taking important first steps, laying the foundation for what's to come.

Session #1: Procrastination Panel (why we procrastinate and how to stop)

Session #2: Pitching 101 (note: asking for what you need vs. asking for what you think you will get,  over estimate what you need)

Session #3: Systems To Keep You Organized

Date TBD, Check back to see our Spring speakers and guests!

Summers Series: THE GROWTH

Our Summer Series is designed to support increasing momentum and stability.

Session #1: Money Mindset Panel (working beyond limiting beliefs) being strategic with debt/financing

Session #2: Negotiation 101 (suppliers, banks, clients)

Session #3: Where to Invest in Your Business

Date TBD, Check back for confirmed hosts & guests!

Autumn Series: THE HARVEST

Our Autumn Series is designed to support the concept of 'reaping the rewards' of the seeds sown throughout the year, to end on a strong & successful note.

Session #1
: Healthy Mind, Healthy Profits Panel (mental health)

Session #2: Stress Management 10

Session #3: Digital Marketing Tune Up

Date TBD, Check back to see our Spring speakers and guests!