Helen Yin's Journey: From Bathing in Tea to Innovating Inoki Bathhouse

Helen Yin's Journey: From Bathing in Tea to Innovating Inoki Bathhouse

In business, innovative ideas can blossom into successful ventures with the right approach and dedication. We're thrilled to share the inspiring journey of Helen Yin, the founder of Inoki Bathhouse. Helen’s passion for tea culture and wellness led her to create a unique bathhouse experience that has captured the hearts of many. 

Meet Helen Yin, the visionary behind Inoki Bathhouse. In this blog, we’ll explore the insights she gained from participating in this pitch competition.

Can you tell us about your recent experience in the pitch competition?

Participating in a pitch competition can be one of the most rewarding experiences. As I look back on my recent experience, I feel a profound sense of relief and gratitude. This competition was incredibly well-organized, facilitated, and supported, which made the process much smoother and more enjoyable.

Were there any standout moments during the competition?

The mentorship session with Amanda was a standout moment for me. Her wealth of knowledge and empathy created one of the best mentorship experiences I've ever had. Through her guidance, I learned storytelling techniques tailored specifically for a judge or investor audience. This insight was invaluable and something I will carry with me for future pitches. While the experience was overall positive, there were areas I recognized I could improve upon. Better preparation and organization could have enhanced my performance, and I am committed to refining these skills for future opportunities.

How has this experience impacted your future approach to pitching?

This experience has undoubtedly changed how I will approach pitching in the future. I realized the importance of giving myself more time to prepare and rehearsing my presentation with multiple people to gather diverse feedback. Timing my presentation is another critical aspect I will focus on, ensuring I deliver my message concisely and effectively within the allotted time.

What was the most valuable part of this experience for you?

Meeting Amanda in person and connecting with Sheena online were incredibly valuable. Sheena is one of the founders I have admired the most in my industry, and having the opportunity to shadow or learn from her would be an incredible highlight of my journey.

Helen Yin is a shining example of what hard work and determination can achieve, inspiring anyone thinking of starting or scaling their business. We want to thank Helen for sharing her experiences and insights to help inspire the next wave of entrepreneurs.

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