From Pitch to Prosperity: Rhaelyn Gillespie’s Journey with Mintier

From Pitch to Prosperity: Rhaelyn Gillespie’s Journey with Mintier

Innovation and perseverance are key to entrepreneurial success. We're excited to share the journey of Rhaelyn Gillespie, the founder of Mintier. Her recent experience in our pitch competition provided invaluable insights and opportunities. In this blog, we explore her reflections on the competition and the lessons she learned.

Meet Rhaelyn Gillespie, the visionary behind Mintier.

Can you tell us about your recent experience in the pitch competition?

The pitch competition left me feeling incredibly grateful. It was an enriching experience that offered much more than just the chance to present our business. One of the highlights was learning about four other amazing female founders in Canada and the incredible businesses they have started and are continuing to grow. The competition provided a platform to amplify our reach, allowing us to share our vision and journey with a wider audience. Winning first place among such talented founders was an honor, and we are immensely grateful for the opportunity.

How did working with your pitch coach impact your presentation?

Working with Marc from TruLocal, my pitch coach, brought about a significant change in how I approach pitching. We decided to include more information about the market size, and I was impressed by the impact this had. This element will now be a staple in all my future pitches to exemplify the potential of Mintier. It was a valuable lesson that I will carry forward. Additionally, engaging with the impressive panel of judges afterward provided invaluable insights and feedback. The prize money we received is incredibly valuable for our growing brand, helping us to maintain and build on our momentum.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the in-person networking event due to being unwell. I am certain it would have been a great experience. Perhaps we could organize another event in the future to ensure we all stay connected and continue to support the female founder community in Toronto.

Do you have any messages for the organizing team?

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the organizing team for giving us this platform, experience, and opportunity to share our journey and vision for Mintier. This competition has been a pivotal moment for us, and we look forward to continuing our growth and making an impact.

Rhaelyn Gillespie's journey demonstrates the transformative power of pitch competitions. Her experience highlighted the importance of community, learning from others, and adapting strategies to enhance her business. Despite facing challenges, Rhaelyn's determination and the valuable insights gained from mentors and judges have set Mintier on a path to continued growth and success. We look forward to seeing how she leverages these lessons to make a lasting impact.

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If you're just starting out or looking for ways to elevate your business, we hope this post inspires you to participate in pitch competitions.

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