Meet April Terreau: Funding Recipient and Founder of Navigating Integr – Founders Fund

Meet April Terreau: Funding Recipient and Founder of Navigating Integrity Associates

Meet April Terreau, founder of Navigating Integrity Associates and recipient of the Small Business Boss Fund empowered by Scoop Studios!



Who is April Terreau and what is Navigating Integrity Associates? 

As a 20 year health care professional, April holds herself to high standards of care, confidentiality, and compassion. She studied workplace investigation and assessment with one of Canada’s leading employment law firms, Rubin Thomlinson, LLP. April's fair, analytic approach allows her to respect and explore each client’s unique workplace culture. She creates calm in the midst of highly charged emotional situations. She specializes in diffusing tension and creating an environment that allows people to open up and share relevant information.  April inspires trust and confidence; she handles sensitive complaints with discretion and diplomacy, giving her clients the facts they need to make informed, evidence-based decisions. She enjoys anticipating her clients’ needs and providing creative solutions to troublesome problems. April also loves riding her motorcycle, Buttercup.  

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