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3 Reasons You Need To Know Komal Minhas: Meet A Funder

How do I best showcase Komal Minhas?

She’s a pretty extraordinary human who has done some really remarkable things to date.
Take a peak at her long list of accolades and achievements and you’d never guess she’s only just entered her 30’s!

It's nearly impossible for us to sum Komal up within the confines of one blog post, but we’re determined to illustrate just how impactful this Canadian entrepreneur is, so here are 3 (out of many) reasons you need to know Komal Minhas:


#1. Her Hard Work And Expertise Has Landed Her Some Incredible Feats

For starters, her work in producing the documentary film “Dream, Girl” landed her on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100 list- and the film premiered at the Obama White House! And it's no wonder why: the film is very well made, features several inspiring stories of BIPOC in their journey through entrepreneurship, and the animations throughout the documentary are a beautiful touch.

She is a highly respected, brilliant interviewer and has interviewed incredible and renowned women such as former First Lady, Michelle Obama and poet, Rupi Kaur.

Her work has been featured on NBC, Forbes, ELLE, Create & Cultivate among others and her philanthropic work includes investing in women-lead businesses making major impact in their communities- Like The Founders Fund!


#2. She’s Experienced A Lot Of Life In A Short Time

All while having some of these extraordinary experiences- that she describes as being the highest points in her life- she was simultaneously experiencing the lowest points of her life.
While she was named to Oprah’s Super Soul 100 list, Komal was battling a rare form of cancer called Dermatofibrosarcoma, followed closely by a neurological illness that flipped her life upside-down.

She moved back home to Canada to focus on and tend to her long recovery. And through this, discovered a purpose that would propel her forward and help truly foster a life of empowerment that's almost contagious

She’s since launched Kaur Space, a digital magazine and online community focused on work, wellness and impact: three things we should all strive to achieve simultaneously.
She also hosts two podcasts: Lessons Learned with Komal and THRIVE. I’ve only had the opportunity to listen to the former, but I can vouch for the fact that she is a natural, captivating story teller. Highly recommend!

#3. She Is A Curator Of Powerful Experiences And Conversations

Stories are integral to our connections with one another and this is something Komal has passionately integrated into her work. Not only through her interviews with high-profile, inspiring women but also within platforms like her podcast, live events and through her philanthropic work alongside other women-lead businesses.
In one of her podcast episodes, Komal touches on the importance, value and worth of each person’s story and leaves you feeling both empowered and capable- two powerful feelings that can surely help change the trajectory of one’s life and mindset.

All-in-all, Komal is a talented speaker and interviewer, a thoughtful listener and someone who somehow manages to feel like a good friend when you listen to her speak, and we know she has lessons of great value for any and every single one of you out there.